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Hi... Joeley. 19. Textile/Art student. UK. This Blog is for all the things I just adore. TV SERIES: Primeval, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, One Tree Hill. MUSIC: Aiden Grimshaw, Matt Cardle, Olly Murs, One Direction. MOVIES: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games. OTHER: Scrapbooks, Winter, Travel, Photography, Vintage design, Food! :)

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Jul 28 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 11 - Least favourite creature?

Future Fungus

The fungus is parasitic, extremely aggressive and eats through the flesh of anything that touches it. As soon as someone does touch it, it instantly begins converting them into a shell that is loosely human shaped, but has lost all human features and intelligence, relying on instinct. In other words, the fungus effectively kills the host once it has transformed. The ARC team thought that heating the creatures would kill them, but it only advanced their reproduction. In the end,    freezing them was the solution.

After freezing the fungus instead, they found it worked and prepared the ARC to freeze the captured creature, only for it to escape and attack Jenny before it succumbed to the cold.

Jul 27 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 10 - Favourite creature?


Diictodon are small burrowing mammal-like reptiles.

A group of over fifteen individuals appear to be traversing air vents in a hospital. Abby catches one which sends of a distress signal calling them all back through the anomaly, however one drops from the roof and lands inside a trolley Connor is pushing. Another Diictodon tried to escape through the anomaly, but then the anomaly closed leaving two Diictodon trapped in our time. It later becomes apparent that Abby and Conner adopt the two to keep Rex company. 

Jul 26 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 9 - Favourite actress?

Hannah Spearritt

Hannah was an original member of the pop group S Club 7. She is also well-known for playing the role of Abby Maitland in the British drama Primeval.

Jul 25 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 8 - Favourite actor?

Andrew-Lee Potts

Potts is best known for his role as quirky student Connor Temple on ITV’s science fiction programme Primeval, starring with his real-life fiancée, Hannah Spearritt.

Jul 24 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 7 - Least favourite series?

Series 2

I’m not really sure I have a least favourite, but if I had to choose. Here it is. 

Jul 23 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 6 - Favourite series?

Series 4

Back from extinction/The return of Primeval!!

Jul 22 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 5 - Least favourite episode?

Series 3 Episode 8

An anomaly opens at a race car test track and a Megopteran, an insect from the future, comes through. It is carnivorous and lethal, and the team must draw on all their resources to get it back to its home. However, things get complicated when Jack decides to find out what his sister Abby really does for a living, and inadvertently drives through an anomaly into the future: a post-apocalyptic world overrun by future predators. Now the team must mount a desperate rescue mission after Jack, and then find a way to escape with their lives. 

Abby’s brother Jack, was completely annoying!!

Jul 21 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 4 - Favourite episode?

Series 3 Episode 6

With Jenny Lewis’s departure and Nick Cutter’s death, Danny Quinn is made the new leader of the team. When Christine Johnson and her soldiers take over the ARC in search of the artifact, the team escape to an old cabin on Ministry of Defence property within a minefield which has been abandoned since the 1930s. As Johnson ousts Lester and imposes her will on the ARC staff, Becker must find a way to defeat her. At the same time, with no weapons but their own initiative, Danny, Connor, Abby and Sarah have to find a way to defend themselves, not only from Johnson’s soldiers, but from a pack of rampaging terror birds that emerge from a nearby anomaly.

Jul 20 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 3 - Least favourite character?

Helen Cutter

The villain.

First appearance Series 1 Episode 1.

Professor Helen Cutter, It is implied that she may be responsible for a string of anomalies in time and space through which prehistoric and extinct animals are passing. She is able to use the anomalies for her own purposes, ranging from basic time travel and exploration to actively changing time-lines and creating clones. Helen tricks most of the characters by targeting their humanity or ego, this trickery later leads to the possible end of human kind and later the world. 

Jul 19 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 2 - Favourite female character?

Emily Merchant


First appeared in a theatre via an anomaly Series 4 Episode 3.

Born in London in 1840, she is familiar with travelling in time and was previously living with a group in the Cretaceous. She is beautiful and Strong, at first she appeared fierce but later in the series her patient, kind and generous side began to show.

Jul 18 '12

30 Day Challenge: Primeval

Day 1 - Favourite male character?

Captain Becker

Just because… He is gorgeous!!

First appearance Series 3 Episode 1.

Bringing a distinguished military record to the ARC, Becker was accustomed to a “shoot first, ask questions later” style. He assumes the role ‘Head of security’ at the ARC, and feels responsible for trying to keep everyone alive. Becker is extremely brave and heroic.